An uncommon marriage of two new administrative buildings with a piece of technical national heritage. The combination of current architecture with the premises of a revitalised industrial hall honours the presence of genius loci. Palmovka Open Park represents a significant contribution to development of the lucrative site around the Palmovka metro station, which is becoming a sought-after administrative centre.

The Project follows up the already completed Palmovka Palmovka Park 1 and Palmovka Open Park 2 projects on the same location.

By the end of the year 2018, the Project acquired the prestigious award of „Best of Realty“ in the category of New Administrative Projects. As far as the win is concerned, it was the historical industrial elements mixed in the modern architecture that made the difference.

The office complex is now almost fully occupied. Currently, we are offering the last vacancies in office and retail premises. The last premises available or rent include also a part of the revitalised factory hall of the original machine plant. 

Palmovka Open Park 4 – in good company 

One of the largest providers of personal care and household care products, foodstuffs and beverages. The company’s products are daily consumed by 2,5 bullion consumers in more than 190 countries of the world.

A key figure in the tourism retail sales playing field. Operates shops with newspapers and magazines, tobacco and supplementary product ranges, provides restaurant services and retail concepts at airports.

A prime international provider of solutions in the field of receivables insurance with more than a 100 years of customer support in ever changing commercial environment. 

A Czech business and investment company, which became the largest retail organisation in the Czech Republic. It is focused on investing in projects in the area of education, human resources, and other areas.