Palmovka Open Park O

The hall, being a national heritage, carries on the historical trace of the original Libeň and grants genius loci to the entire project. The unique wooden structure, using skylights, creates an open and well-lit area, in which even non-traditional offices can be designed and built. The steel columns and block pillars underline the exceptional character of the entire area. 

The hall dating back to the 20s of the past century originally served as a bus repair shop. The design by Aulík Fišer Architekti architectonic studio interlinked the historical elements with modern architecture, achieving as a result a unique place. The building became a technical national heritage, which offers its inhabitants an original, inspiring, and pleasant working atmosphere.

The revitalised factory hall with 1 897 mof the usable area now offers the last premises for lease. In the first part of the hall, there is currently the Bistro Hall operated by the Perfect Canteen by Filip Sajler

Available premises in the hall of the size of 935 m2

Interested in these premises? Look at the layout and get in touch for more information.